About Rebecca

For someone who smiles a lot, it is ironic that Rebecca has made a career for herself behind the camera. Laughter and a genuine appreciation for children help to define her sensibility as a person as well as a photographer. For over 20 years, Rebecca has been capturing stunning images of children, people, places and things.

....It is not uncommon that the first face-to-face meeting with clients happens the day of the shoot, but often the interaction feels like a get-together among friends. She brings warmth to a session that allows children (and their parents) to feel comfortable and to be themselves. And that's the beauty of "candid" photography. Some shots may be composed, but Rebecca is not always encouraging or waiting for the perfect smile. An organic smile from real laughter and a range of expressions reflecting the moment lend themselves to meaningful images, often with their own sense of humor, and always possessing something soulful -- a quality that draws Rebecca into a shoot every single time.

....Rebecca photographs using primarily black and white by existing light making flexibility key under certain circumstances. Rebecca is mindful of the moods and wishes of those being photographed and works to make babies, kids, families, and dogs most at home in hers or in theirs.


FILM OR DIGITAL? - Rebecca offers both film and digital because she highly values both mediums and sees the benefits inherent in each.   A couple of basic facts (that might help you decide):

- a film session with Rebecca yields approximately 60 images
- a digital session with Rebecca yields approximately 100 images
- a film session allows for ONLY black & white OR color images
- a digital session allows for BOTH black & white AND color images

Either way, you will experience a friendly session, ease of viewing and purchasing, and high quality prints and enlargements of your amazing little (and big) people.

Scheduling - Most photo sessions take approximately 45 minutes to an hour and are typically scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays when the entire family can participate. However, some weekdays are available for your convenience. Mornings are ideal for light, but late afternoon or evening (depending on time of year) works too. That said, your child's/children's schedule is most important and that's the one we'll work with.

Preparation - Working with children and/or animals requires happy and well-rested subjects. Bringing special items such as a much-loved teddy or a favorite nappy creates a comfort zone and captures a special memento of that time in your baby's life.

Clothing - Dark colors and denim look great for black and white photography, but comfort is the key to a good sitting. Outfit changes for baby are absolutely fine, and naked (for babies) is always an option. Hats and other accessories are great to bring along, but please avoid busy prints and patterns.

After your session - Approximately one week after your photo session,
your images will be available to view, share, and purchase online.   Rebecca will email you a link and a password as soon as they are ready.   As part of her personal service, Rebecca encourages a consultation by phone or in person to assist with photo selection, enlargements and any questions about your images that you might have.

Online ordering -- Your images will remain posted for 30 days after your link is emailed to you.   To view, share and purchase online, you may click HERE , or click "online ordering" located on the home page.   After 30 days, your images will remain archived, and may be re-posted at a later date for seven (7) days for $75.00


Customer Feedback:

Our family loved the entire experience of working with Rebecca Goodman. She is friendly and warm and yet professional and highly skilled at providing different opportunities for beautiful photos. From beginning to end, working with Rebecca was stress-free and worth our time and money. We would especially recommend her to anyone with children--ours took to her instantly and were eager to work with her during the session. We loved her photos! She caught so many unique expressions and each photo had a natural, intriguing quality.

-- Natalia Menendez and Jonathan Brennan

Rebecca was great to work with and we are very happy with our results. Our one year old had just entered her stranger anxiety phase but Rebecca's fun
and calm nature eased her and allowed her to forget what we were doing and
just play. In addition, Rebecca was accommodating, quick to respond by phone
and easy to communicate with.
-- Carolyn Whealan-Anderson

Rebecca has taken our holiday pictures the last couple of years. Who ever
said that working with kids and Dogs is hard? Rebecca has made it lots of
fun. The hard part was selecting only one picture to send out on our cards.
She has gone the extra distance. Not only will we continue to use her.
services, but have already recommended her to our friends.
--Daniel and Jodi Paley

Rebecca's photographs are very artistic.
She has a great eye for detail and her photos are very expressive.

--Jessica Norris

Rebecca clearly enjoys her work as a photographer. In contrast to the
more "detached" approach to working with a family, Rebecca listens,
observes the environment, and is genuinely interested in seeing what fits
the family. In her photo shoot of our family -- including our three
teenagers and our elderly grandmother, she kept our desires in mind as she
helped create a warm, supportive, even playful atmosphere where everyone
engaged. Not easy! Her delight in our engagement helped us produce
photos that our whole family will treasure for years to come.

--Julia Shiang

We loved working with Rebecca. She made our son very comfortable
immediately. She is creative and flexible, no special set up or lights.
We changed locations several times and with just her talent and her
camera the results were amazing. We will treasure these photos

--Sara Anderson


Prices and Packages:

Digital photo session $325

Film photo session $400
two (2) rolls of 36 exposure black and white film

Maternity and New Baby Package - $525.00

two (2) sittings shot either with film or digitally
maternity session
new baby session

First Year Package - $750.00

three (3) sittings shot either with film or digitally
maternity OR new baby
new baby OR approximately 6-9 months
one year

Reprints and Enlargements

$10 for 4x6
$25 for 5x7
$35 for 8x10
$35 for 8x12
$55 for 11x14
$75 for 16x20

Multiple 4x6 (in increments of 25):

(25) $3.00 each
(50) $2.50 each
(75) $2.25 each
(100) $2.00 each

Additional Fees

$75.00 to shoot each additional roll
$75.00 travel fee to San Francisco or Half Moon Bay